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Break down generational poverty one participant at a time by introducing high school girls from under-resourced communities to higher education and high-earning careers through a series of positive youth development workshops, field trips, and mentorship.


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Change the trajectory of low income communities by empowering high school girls with the tools to build generational wealth.

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what we


our virtual & in-person workshops focus on personal & professional development. each topic is infused with biblical truths and practical application.

topics include:

Discovering Your God-Given Purpose & getting paid for it Choosing a College/major

Career options

job preparation

and more!


field trips

Participants will visit higher education institutions, career sites, workforce development programs, museums, and women owned businesses. These field trips will help young women who are usually isolated within their own communities be exposed to cultural experiences.


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We provide personal and professional development workshops to high school girls in underserved communities

Girls can express themselves freely and frequently and develop higher level thinking skills

We invite high school girls from underserved communities on field trips to corporations and college campuses

Girls can engage with the world of work through questions and hands-on experiences

We expose high school girls from underserved communities to professional women who are leaders in their companies

Girls can build connections with professionals outside of their usual family networks so they can later make informed decisions about their professional future



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We are accepting high school applicants 9th-10th grade from Bergen, Essex, & Passaic County. send us an email for more details.

Achieving success and personal growth is a holistic process. That is why Yes, M.I.S.S. focuses on the development of various areas in each participant's life. Get ready to...

Improve Your Professional and Personal Etiquette

Discover God’s Intention for Women in the Marketplace

Understand the Impact of Generational Poverty on a Family and Community

Match Your Personality Traits and Creative Interests to a College Major and Future Profession

Excel in Financial Literacy

what's happening

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Launch Day!

July 2022

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Professional Women's Brunch August 2022

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Princeton College Tour

July 2022

@ Yes, M.I.S.S. Inc.

Financial Literacy

September 2022

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Word writing text Financial Literacy. Business concept for Understand and knowledgeable on how money works



Our program functions heavily relies on the support of volunteers, donors, and the surrounding communities. Your generous support of time, knowledge, and financial assistance can help us expand our reach.

All donations are tax deductible.


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Yes, M.I.S.S. Inc. is a free program. Donations

cover the costs of transportation, lunches, supplies, and space rentals.

Raised hands volunteering

facilitate a workshop

sponsor a field trip

We are seeking companies, colleges, and businesses to offer tours to our participants. These field trips help participants imagine their future selves and helping them to dream B I G!

Do you want to share your professional experience with our participants?

Workshops take place in the community and leave a lasting impact on the participants.

Contact us for more information.

Raised hands volunteering
Raised hands volunteering

Board of Directors


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Eboni Woolridge

Vice President

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Shanita Perdomo


Executive Director

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Alexis Romero


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Kiyanna Lovell


During her experience as a Social Worker, Shanita noticed a common thread amongst her female clients. All these young women came from under-resourced families and communities, but possessed million dollar ideas. Sadly, none of these young women believed in themselves and would tell Shanita:

"No, I couldn't ever accomplish that."

"No, I don't qualify."

"No, I didn't pass the exam. Maybe this is not for me."

Shanita would use therapeutic tactics to motivate a young lady to pursue her professional dreams, but fear and lack of exposure tended to prevail. Yes, M.I.S.S. Inc. was created to motivate and support young women during their high school career by exposing them to higher education and high earning professionals. As a result of this positive youth development, young women will learn to say "YES" as they discover their God given gifts.

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"No one in my family taught me how to dream, let alone pick a future career. As a young professional it is important to know who you are, know your worth, and choose a job that will empty you and then fill you up again."

with yes, m.i.s.s.


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